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  • Cash Flow & Financing
  • Accepting Payments
  • Managing Expenses
  • Employee Benefits
  • Safekeeping

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Cash Flow & Financing
Operating Line of Credit
Get the flexibility of an approved source of funding that you pay no interest on until you begin using it. Commercial Lines of Credit are most often use for inventory purchases or cash flow needs.

Business Loans
Time for new equipment? Ready to expand? OVB also offers the following financing options:

Commercial Real Estate Loans
Floor Plan Financing
Loans on Stocks and Bonds
Commercial Equipment Loans
SBA Loans
Commercial Construction Loans
USDA Loans

OVB Business Visa® Credit Card
The power of Visa®…The personal service of Ohio Valley Bank.

Commercial Letter of Credit
If your business is making a purchase where normal standards of payment are not acceptable, a letter of credit from your OVB loan officer can help. Ohio Valley Bank offers this service for credit-worthy business customers.

Accepting Payments

Card Payments
Need to be able to accept credit and debit cards at the register, by phone, or online? We can help you do it all. It’s called Merchant Services. Contact any office or email businesssolutions@ovbc.com for a quote.

iPhone® Checkout
Turn your iPhone® into a register than can accept debit or credit cards. Our service features one of the lowest per transaction fees in the country.

Ever wish that you could set up your customers on autopay instead of invoicing them every month? You can with our ACH module for Cash Management. With this module, you can create and manage autopay electronic payments from your customers’ checking or savings accounts.

Check Resultz
Free check recovery service. Merchant receives 100% face value of collected item, in addition to 100% of account chargeback fee associated with return items.

Managing Expenses
Small Business Checking
No minimum balance required on this checking account with the convenience of a MasterCard® Debit card. Comes with free online bill pay.

Business Checking
A great solution for mid to large size businesses. Real-time analysis ensures that you only pay for the services you actually use.

Online Cash Management
Available even when the bank is closed. Make transfers, loan payments, initiate electronic transactions, place stop payments, pay bills, send wires, view account statements, and access balances and history including check images. Choose separate passwords and security levels for each employee or one for all. Cash Management is also accessible through the OVB Mobile Banking iPhone & Android Apps and basic CellTeller mobile banking for smartphones and non-smartphones.

OVB Remote Deposit
No more driving to the bank and waiting in line. Deposit checks right from your desk and get same day credit to your account. Recurring and telephone payments also available.

Automated Payroll
Always on time…always no hassle. Opt for our self-service ACH module within Cash Management so that you can directly deposit paychecks via online Cash Management.

Free Online Bill Pay
Online Bill Pay is free for Small Business Checking account holders. Enjoy the convenience of a central location for bill paying and history. Save the expense of stamps, envelopes and checks.

MarketWatch Money Market Account

Money Market rates with check-writing capability. MarketWatch gives you both.

Wire Services

We offer domestic and international wire services for all customers through our Account Services department. Want the freedom of sending a wire yourself? Just ask about our domestic Wire Module for Online Cash Management.

Business Checks & Check Systems

Ohio Valley Bank offers a large selection of business checks, forms and supplies through Deluxe and Safeguard Business Systems. Forms can even be custom-made to fit your specific needs.

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Employee Benefits

Happy employees are productive employees. Ohio Valley Bank can improve your benefit offering to attract an elite staff.

My Health HSA
If your company offers a high deductible health plan for its employees, consider the benefits of My Health HSAs. These unique accounts give your employees a significant tax benefit at no additional cost to you. If you want to invest a little, it’s easy to make a small annual deposit to your employees’ HSA as part of their health benefit package.

Christmas & Vacation Savings
Give your employees the opportunity to automatically save part of their paycheck. Each time they are paid, a portion of that check is automatically placed into a Christmas or Vacation Savings account through Payroll Direct Deposit. The account’s balance builds with each paycheck and interest is awarded as a bonus. Once annually, the account pays out its entire balance plus interest to the employee. Vacation Savings pays out in April; Christmas Savings in October.


Statements on CD
More than just a statement. OVB can produce a CD for you with your check images, deposit slip images and deposit items for the entire year. Statements on CD is a great resource when it comes to tax time.

Don’t wait for the mail. Don’t even wait until morning. Receive your account statement seconds after its generated by the bank. With eDelivery, your account statement is streamed into your inbox after a secure login connection is established. Never lose track of a statement again with this “green” delivery method.

Safe Deposit Box
Let the Bank protect your documents in a secure Safe Deposit Box in our vault. Annual or lifetime rental is available for boxes of varying sizes.

Night Depository Service
A great solution for making cash deposits after bank hours. Receive one of our special-made lock bags that can be used in combination with our well-lit and convenient drop-off locations.

Secure Tokens
Add an extra layer of protection to your online banking experience with our secure token, a one-time use password generator.